APFNet Scholarship Program 2013

Initiated in 2010, APFNet scholarship program is an important component under the APFNet capacity building umbrella, to contribute to promoting and improving sustainable forest management and rehabilitation in the Asia-Pacific region, serving as an effective platform for well-qualified government officials, talented foresters and young scholars from the region to undertake two-year postgraduate studies in forestry field in China, to benefit their future careers development and enhance the capacity of regional forest management through the development and sharing of expertise.

During the past three years, 24 APFNet scholarship students from 11 economies have been admitted into the Beijing Forestry University and the first batch of eight students graduated and successfully got their Master’s Degree in 2012. With diverse background and experiences, students come to China to update their forestry knowledge and technical skills, and more to experience the culture and the cross-border communication. Upon completion of their study program, these young professionals are expected to contribute to the forestry development of their home economies, as well as to serve as bridges for culture exchange.

At the moment, the APFNet scholarship program for 2013 has been launched for the fourth intake of students. Please kindly refer to the attached documents for further information regarding the application process. The deadline for submitting the application package to the APFNet Secretariat is 30 April 2013 to ensure timely enrollment and admission.

Should you have any further queries, please contact:

Ms. Chen Lin
Tel: (86-10) 84218108
Fax: (86-10) 84216958
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Application Documents Download:

  1. pdfAppendix1 General Rules of Enrollment105.00 KB06/02/2013
  2. pdfAppendix2 Overview of Beijing Forestry University185.78 KB06/02/2013
  3. pdfAppendix3 Regulations of APFNet Scholarship Program113.55 KB06/02/2013
  4. docAppendix4 Application Form for International Student study at_BFU44.50 KB06/02/2013
  5. docAppendix5 Application Form for APFNet Scholarship66.50 KB06/02/2013
  6. pdfAppendix6 Foreigner Physical Examination Form134.94 KB06/02/2013


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